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Get Rid of the Muffin Top!

Is your #horse a little pudgy? Well, the same #diet for humans to lose a few pounds works for horses, too! ESPECIALLY horses! (But leave out the meat in the horse’s diet! *grin*)

FEED RAW, FRESH FORAGES and toss out the processed stuff. Grass Hay 24/7, ‘salad’ once a day, raw, naturally chelated minerals, salt, water … and that’s it! KISS! Your horse that needs to gain weight will and the horse that needs to lose weight will.

IF other factors are correctly in place, as well …

Just like with humans — processed foods and supplements cause the “muffin tops” … well, ‘girthy’ horses and ‘cresty’ horses — those extra fat pads are their ‘muffin top’ … think about it. Then holler at me if you’d like to know more.