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Aroma Touch for Horses

doterra-aromatouch-technique-kit-w-coconut-oil-new-sealed-free-shipping-7099b0ff081190de896d42f32953107bWell, people rave about Aroma Touch … they LOVE getting a good massage using several different doTERRA oils.

Guess what?

HORSES love it too!

If you have a horse that you think would enjoy a great, relaxing, refreshing and restorative light massage with oils that have all sorts of effective qualities (from relaxation to circulation to resolving the occasional inflammation from workouts etc.) … take a look at the oils that are used.


If you need help with the order in which to apply the oils or even someone to help you find the doTERRA OILS, talk to me!  I can help you get them at wholesale costs as well as help you find what YOUR horse might love the best!

Or, you can go directly to my online store and purchase the Aroma Therapy Kit or the singular oils and blends!

Just click here!  >> MY DOTERRA OILS