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"A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes, he looks at his own heart through the eyes of his horse."

Mission & Vision

Gwen's vision has always been to give a voice to animals who have none.

Horses speak in silence; without words. Therefore let all listen to the silence in their own hearts and respect what the horse is speaking.

"Be the change you want to see
in your horse."


"God's Holy Headland;
A place for spiritual growth."

--To foster a greater understanding and awareness of Equine Behavior and Care for Horse Enthusiasts world-wide through education in real time and in virtual settings.
--To provide a sanctuary for those horses and humans whose hearts or bodies have been broken.
--To always project a positive kind and gentle image.
--To be an example for other Equine enthusiasts throughout the world.
--To share God's Blessings and Grace as He has given to us and to be a light in the darkness for others.


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Apprenticeships @ PENZANCE!!

Penzance is offering a new program for those who wish to APPRENTICE and learn  "PENZANCE Equine Progressive Horsemanship" ... we'd like to congratulate our first two apprentices
of the season -

Barbara & Monika 2013

Barbara Bliss of Two Hearts Mustang Wellness Center, Inc., Rehoboth, MA!


Monika Martin of Balanced Hoof Services, Danbury, NH

Danbury, NH
February 2014

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7 “But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;

8 or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you.

9 Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?

10 In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.

~Job 12:7-10


The teachers of the physical. The black wolf helps us to bring balance into the physical natures, desires and expressions of our daily lives. They keep us focused on the issues of this plane of existence where our spiritual lessons and karmic experiences help us evolve and progress to the next spiritual level.    

White Wolf 11-2012: White Wolf: Known as the phantom, the white wolf lives in the spiritual and physical dimensions simultaneously. They teach the lessons which help to bring both these lives into balance. They help us learn how to build the bridge between the two worlds so that we might learn the underlying purpose of events and issues in our life. 

Patient | Loyal | Intelligent | Intuitive | Good Communicators | Wise | Creative Problem Solvers.

Ravens in the bible - feeds the prophet Elijah when he is in hiding from King Ahab.Foremost, the Raven is the Native American bearer of magic, and a harbinger of messages from the cosmos.  Messages that are beyond space and time are nestled in the midnight wings of the Raven and come to only those within the tribe who are worthy of the knowledge.

The Raven is also called upon in Native ritual for healing purposes. Specifically, the Raven is thought to provide long-distance healing. Very few mammals have symbiotic relationships with other animals. One of the few exceptions is the raven and the wolf. Ravens are sometimes known as "wolf-birds" because they form social attachments with wolves. Ravens lead wolves to their prey, alert them to dangers, and are rewarded by sharing the spoils.

   3-3-2014  White Raven

  Spiritual note: In the New Testament, ravens are used by Jesus as an illustration of God's provision in Luke 12:24.


White Wolf - Spiritual Teacher of Teachers
White Raven - bringer of white magic ... transformation of lower consciousness into Christ Consciousness.

Over the years, since 1997, Gwen has worked tirelessly writing, compiling and saving thousands of educational articles,
responses, advice and recommendations to benefit you and your horse asking for nothing in return.

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"I decided that God is testing us, to show us that we are no better than animals. After all, the same fate awaits man and animals alike. One dies just like the other.
They are the same kind of creature. A human being is no better off than an animal, because life has no meaning for either. They are both going to the same place -- the dust.
They both came from it; they will both go back to it. How can anyone be sure that a man's spirit goes upward while an animal's spirit goes down into the ground?"

Ecclesiastes 3:18-21