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Do You Give Your Horse a Choice?

“Offering animals choice does not inherently mean that humans have to relinquish theirs – or vice versa.

Rather, it is about really hearing what is being communicated and negotiating from there in a way that honours both voices. ” 

I am one who believes in mutual respect and partnership.

I’ve gone the route of “being the *boss*” to “be the leader” in a subservient manner – expecting the horse to comply with my demands regardless of what he or she “feels” to learning  what SERVANT LEADERSHIP is all about …

Being a SERVANT LEADER means serving the team. Serving the other person – teaching, leading by example, not *demanding* but politely suggesting, asking and then not being afraid to change things up if the ‘team’ isn’t understanding what is being asked.

“The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first.” –Robert K. Greenleaf.

No, I’m not saying that horses are people but I AM saying that I want to RESPECT them as sentient beings in the same manner that I ask them for respect.

It’s really quite simple … do unto others …

This article is good so thought I’d share it today:


Enjoy!  and yes, I am looking forward to discussion on it. 🙂