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ME: The BEST supplement for hooves is 1. as much movement the horse can get in a 24/7 period of time and 2. RAW FORAGE … supplement 24/7 hay/grazing with fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. THAT feeds the immune system and will strengthen new hoof growth like you’ve never seen before!

LAURA O: I learned this from you 20 years ago, Gwen and since then I’ve grown a garden just for them every year. Also, as part of the movement plan/rehab, we go for walks or I gather things to feed them. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence and have realized that horses really do love new ground! It’s done wonders for Promenade Walks as well. I’ll start off with coaxing and discomfort and I’ll be thinking enough, maybe we should go back, but then I get 200’ down the road, the ears prick forward, the heel first landings begin and suddenly I’m being dragged forward. With a balanced diet, the trees are no longer getting chewed on any more either. No composting bin needed either. The veggie trimmings that are safe, go straight to the barn. I’ll do a hay test every year, but that’s just a small part of it. What I don’t know, they tell me

Feeding Your Horses Hooves

The natural horse that lives in the wild is a magnificent example of how nature truly takes care of its own. In this post we’re going to examine how the “natural” horse is hard-wired to stay healthy through diet …  Let’s take a close look at what kind of feed and nutrition is exampled by nature for Equus caballus –     Horses are designed to survive on forage.   What is forage? Grasses, seeds, roots, nuts, tree bark, leaves, cacti, flowers, herbs, weeds, and shrubs. Depending on where in t…    READ MORE



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