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Thank you!

Just wanted to share this. Received today .. just moments ago. It truly does warm my heart! …

ME: The BEST supplement for hooves is 1. as much movement the horse can get in a 24/7 period of time and 2. RAW FORAGE … supplement 24/7 hay/grazing with fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. THAT feeds the immune system and will strengthen new hoof growth like you’ve never seen before!

LAURA O: I learned this from you 20 years ago, Gwen and since then I’ve grown a garden just for them every year. Also, as part of the movement plan/rehab, we go for walks or I gather things to feed them. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence and have realized that horses really do love new ground! It’s done wonders for Promenade Walks as well. I’ll start off with coaxing and discomfort and I’ll be thinking enough, maybe we should go back, but then I get 200’ down the road, the ears prick forward, the heel first landings begin and suddenly I’m being dragged forward. With a balanced diet, the trees are no longer getting chewed on any more either. No composting bin needed either. The veggie trimmings that are safe, go straight to the barn. I’ll do a hay test every year, but that’s just a small part of it. What I don’t know, they tell me

Get Rid of the Muffin Top!

Is your #horse a little pudgy? Well, the same #diet for humans to lose a few pounds works for horses, too! ESPECIALLY horses! (But leave out the meat in the horse’s diet! *grin*)

FEED RAW, FRESH FORAGES and toss out the processed stuff. Grass Hay 24/7, ‘salad’ once a day, raw, naturally chelated minerals, salt, water … and that’s it! KISS! Your horse that needs to gain weight will and the horse that needs to lose weight will.

IF other factors are correctly in place, as well …

Just like with humans — processed foods and supplements cause the “muffin tops” … well, ‘girthy’ horses and ‘cresty’ horses — those extra fat pads are their ‘muffin top’ … think about it. Then holler at me if you’d like to know more.   

It’s Been a Tough Winter

It’s been a tough winter – everywhere and for everyone. Even for the horses. Their bodies use up alot of energy to stay warm and keep their systems going. Like us, they can get spasms during chills and shivering that will get ‘stuck’ and need help releasing. They slip and twist on the ice – that, too, can set up spasms in the body. If these issues are not identified and released they can precipitate behavioral challenges for the handler and rider come spring conditioning. Challenges that cannot be ‘disciplined’ or ‘punished’ away but must be viewed from a whole horse perspective.

I offer FULL consults – both distance and on farm. From head to hoof, your entire horse is evaluated and ‘treated’ using my WHOLE HEALTH for the WHOLE HORSE protocol.

Email to me if you’d like more info: caballus@charter.net or shoot me a PM here on Facebook. I work with all ages, all breeds, all disciplines.

Your horse deserves a break today!

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Feeding the Natural Horse



“FEEDING THE NATURAL HORSE” by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate, is now available for PRE-ORDERING.
Santagate is presently working on the book and plans to have it completed by the end of 2014. But you can PRE ORDER it in PDF FORMAT and as soon as it is completed it will be delivered to your in-box.


$15.00 USD
You will need ADOBE Acrobat Reader to view which you can download FOR FREE HERE:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Basic Diet for the Healthy Horse


3564 Andalusia Blvd▪ Cape Coral, FL 33909
gwen.santagate@gmail.com▪ 239-573-9687


Please note – this is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only and NOT to replace your veterinarian’s advice.

The ingredients listed are for the BASIC DIET for the HEALTHY HORSE … it is NOT inclusive of specific, dietary and nutritional needs for an unwell horse. Individual consult for such a situation for the unwell horses should be obtained.

Call (239)-573-9687 or email to: gwen.santagate@gmail.com for a full, private consultation from PENZANCE.

TO BE FED ONCE A DAY ONLY, any time … can be two or 3 times a week for the ‘easy keeper’ :


• FREE CHOICE 1ST CUT good quality HAY
• GRAZING as afforded on NON-ENHANCED pastures … an old field that is free of any chemical enhancements or herbicides with 100’s of weeds, flowers, shrubs, etc. is ideal
• FREE CHOICE Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt
• 2 oz. of RAW, CHELATED MINERALS a day.

• RAW, ORGANIC VEGETABLES, FRUITS, NUTS, SEEDS: (1/2 quantities for ponies)
o 1 Apple
o 1 Orange
o 1 Banana
o 2 Yams (otherwise called ‘sweet potatoes’ in many stores – they’re orange in color)
o 3 – 4 Carrots
o 1 cup of dried, organic, unsweetened coconut chips (www.nuts.com is a good source)
o Handful of sprouts (alfalfa, broccoli, mung bean, spinach, or any mixed sprouts)
o 2 Handfuls of Spring Greens OR Spinach OR Kale
o ¼ Coconut or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or other COLD-PRESSED Organic Oil)
o Handful of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
o Handful of Pumpkin Seeds
o Handful of Flax seed or Chia seed (Can be left whole; no need to grind)
o 2 oz. of RAW, CHELATED Minerals (Can be purchased from PENZANCE or other sources)
o Quick “Glug” of organic Apple Cider Vinegar
(with the “Mother” in it. BRAGG’S is a good brand)

Cut up the fruits and vegetables into bite-sized chunks with skin, peels and seeds but NO PITS. Mix with the seeds and oils and vinegars and ‘serve’.

A personal consult is strongly suggested for a horse with health issues as the ‘diet’ will differ from the base diet for a healthy horse. gwen.santagate@gmail.com or (239) 573-9687.

Raw, Chelated Minerals



Feeding horses doesn’t have to be a drawn out complicated task. Over 50 years of living with horses and caring for them has led me down paths about which I can’t even begin to tell you. I used to ‘believe’ in all the research for the best processed this or that or the other thing. I used to ‘believe’ in all the chemicals, the reports, the manufacturers’ golden words. I’ve thrown away more useless supplements that have cost me more thousands of dollars than I can even think of. Coat supplements, hoof supplements, calming supplements, breathing supplements, feed supplements, drugs for this or that – I’m sure if you have horses then you know about what I’m talking. Pages and pages and pages in catalogues from countless manufacturers all spouting their products are the best for horses.

And now I follow the K.I.S.S. routine  —  Raw forages, 24/7 Hay, Salt, Fresh Water 24/7 and raw, naturally chelated minerals.

Can’t fool Mother Nature! She knows best. And Mother Nature doesn’t supply processed feeds in 50# bags or artificial supplements in little plastic containers.

FEED THE HORSE LIKE A HORSE!  Horses are herbivores. They eat vegetation of all kinds and types – trees, bushes, grasses, herbs, flowers, weeds, leaves, nuts, seeds, roots and EACH variety of forage, EACH type of forage supplies its own natural nutrition to the horse. Chlorophyll, Vits A, B, C, D, trace minerals, proteins, oils and more.And horses EAT DIRT for its mineral content.

In todays world, however, our forages, even wild, are weak in nutrients simply because of what mankind has done in terms of using artificial herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and more when growing crops. They are weak in nutrients because their own supply for growth, DIRT, is deficient in synergistic minerals.

In Nevada, however, there are mines that are pure and unadulterated by man other than to mine for the RAW, CHELATED MINERALS that they hold.  And these minerals are, simply, what NATURAL HORSE MINERALScontains.  Find out more about what these minerals are here:

What are chelated minerals? Chelation is the suspension of a mineral between two or more amino acids, or bonding to “small proteins”, peptides or amino acids. (“Chela” is Greek for “claw”.) Chelation substances can include things like amino acids, ascorbic acid and orotates, as well as hydrolyzed protein. Chelation improves the absorption of the mineral from the digestive tract.  Chelated Minerals are ORGANIC minerals.Inorganic minerals have to be ‘chelated’ before they can be utilized proficiently in the gut. Organic minerals, however, have been previously processed by plants or other marine life, thus ‘chelated’. Inorganic trace  minerals are in the raw, elemental or metallic state and, when ingested, cause absorption problems for the organism that has ingested them.

NATURAL HORSE MINERALS ARE CHELATED, RAW, ORGANIC MINERALS that are pure and mined from several mines in the heart of Nevada. Just what your or my horses would be eating if they lived free on the range out there along with their forage and natural salt.


  This photo show incredible changes to a horse with Lyme Disease, Founder, Pemphigus coronitis and Scratches in just 2 !! WEEKS of being fed Natural Horse Minerals:

10-8-2014 comparison

The chart below lists the minerals in NATURAL HORSE MINERALS: 

Aluminum Al Holmium Ho Rhodium Rh
Antimony Sb Hydrogen H Rubidium Rb
Arsenic As Indium In Ruthenium Ru
Barium Ba Iodine I Samarium Sm
Beryllium Be Iridium Ir Scandium Sc
Bismuth Bi Iron Fe Selenium Se
Boron B Lanthanum La Silicon Si
Bromine Br Lead Pb Silver Ag
Cadmium Cd Lithium Li Sodium Na
Calcium Ca Lutetium Lu Strontium Sr
Carbon C Manganese Mn Sulphur S
Cerium Ce Magnesium Mg Tantalum Ta
Cesium Cs Mercury Hg Tellurium Te
Chlorine Cl Molybdenum Mo Terbium Tb
Chromium Cr Neodymium Nd Thallium Tl
Cobalt Co Nickel Ni Thorium Th
Copper Cu Niobium Nb Thulium Tm
Dysprosium Dy Nitrogen N Tin Sn
Erbium Er Osmium Os Titanium Ti
Europium Eu Oxygen O Tungsten W
Fluorine F Palladium Pd Uranium U
Gadolinium Gd Phosphorus P Vanadium V
Gallium Ga Platinum Pt Ytterbium Yb
Germanium Ge Potassium K Yttrium Y
Gold Au Praseodymium Pr Zinc Zn
Hafnium Hf Rhenium Re Zirconium Zr

Here are a couple of links that will further explain the difference between ‘rocks’ and organic minerals (Natural Horse Minerals)



Are you convinced yet?  More specs … One 35# bucket of Natural Horse Minerals will last one horse about 9 months when administered at 2 oz. a day …
that’s just a little over .87 cents a day! 

One 15# bucket of Natural Horse Minerals will last one horse about 120 days when administered at 2 oz. a day. And that’s just a little over $1 a day! 

Remember what you read above?  The natural diet for the natural horse is SIMPLE — raw forages, 24/7 hay, MINERALS, salt and water. Oh, and I add Transfer Factor at the start of a new diet just to help keep the Immune System at peak, working order. Transfer Factor will increase the natural killer cells in the immune system by 238% – 437% … can’t get any more “peak” than that!The ongoing, healthy, natural diet will keep the domestic horse in the best condition possible!

It’s easy to order the NATURAL HORSE MINERALS … simply select your choice below:

(NOTE: 4# and 8# quantities are no longer available except by special request. Postal rates are prohibitive in shipping these smaller quantities.) 


naturalhorseminerals15# BUCKET ::  NATURAL HORSE MINERALS – $135 +S&H

120 days for 1 horse @ 2 oz. a day @ just a tad more than $1 a day.

naturalhorseminerals35# BUCKET :: NATURAL HOSE MINERALS – $235 +S&H

9 months for 1 horse @ 2 oz. a day @ just  .87 cents a day!

PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR SHIPPING COSTS.  Include your ZIP CODE to where the minerals are to be shipped.  You will receive invoice that includes your shipping & Handling costs.  Thank you!


For the natural forage DIET PLAN for the HEALTHY HORSE go here: Feeding Horses

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