“Horses, as with humans, have preferences and it is best to allow your horse to choose their essential oil; they will generally indicate to you what they need if you listen and observe. Offer the essential oil to them to smell. “If the horse has an imbalance in the physical sense, it will probably use its right nostril first. If the problem is more emotionally based, the horse will use its left nostril first. The right nostril is linked to the side of the brain, which governs the horse’s functions. The left nostril is linked to the right side of the brain, which governs the intuitive side. When we are working with horses we want them in their left-brain where they will be thinking not reacting instinctively, which they do if in their right-brain. If the horse is interested it will move the required nostril over the oil and inhale. If it is not interested the horse will move away.” Any essential oils that your horse turns away from put aside for that day. When using aromatherapy with animals or people it is always best to respect and trust the individuals desires and inner wisdom.”

–Judy Andrews