Follow Gwen as she goes through a day of trimming 4 different horses. Each one with his or her own peculiarities!

Get up close and personal ... see how the individual aspects of each hoof on each horse is tended.

Videos are on Vimeo and secured by password which you will receive upon receipt of payment.  Each video is approximately 30 mins. long. Order as combination with "10 Secrets to Healthy Hooves" as stated to the right or order JUST the 4 videos by clicking below:

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From the founder and developer of PENZANCE Equine Integrated Solutions ... everything you need to know about keeping healthy, BAREFOOTED horses! Including  information on Lifestyle, Anatomy & Physiology of the Equine Hoof, Diet for the Natural Horse, Alternative & Complementary Healthcare, Pathologies of the Equine Hoof and ... Step-By-Step Trimming Instructions for the Healthy Hoof.

Order your copy today!  $35  $25 USD EBOOK in PDF format. Over 200 pages of exceptional information on the WHOLE HORSE! From head to hoof -- but particularly the hooves! 

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Spiral Bound. Plastic Cover Protector. 8 1/2 X 11. Over 200 pages of one sided print copy to leave room for NOTES on backside of each page. Color cover; black and white illustrations inside. (PDF has full color illustrations throughout.)


Combine either the E-book OR printed copy with the additional purchase of 4 online videos chronicaling a day on the road with Gwenyth as she trims 4 different horses and SAVE!
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“WOW, this is no ordinary book! This is an extensive lifetime of brilliant information that is a must have for every horse owner. Never have I come across such an incredible compilation of horse information covering so many aspects in one perfectly written book. Gwen was too humble calling it “10 Steps to Healthy Hooves”, it excels way past that mark, more like, “The HUNDRED Ways to Sound, Healthy, Happy Horses! The exceptional amount of information here would easily equate to years of personal training plus having the ability to refer back to this reference material……priceless! A true mark of unprecedented wisdom!” Elaine Polny,

10 Secrets to Healthy Hooves presents a holistic approach to maintaining healthy hooves. The importance of health, physical and emotional, on hooves is outlined in clear and accessible language. Readers like me, with little knowledge of the anatomy and function of the hoof, will come away with a working knowledge of its function, and the impact of other factors, such as diet, on it. 

The author provides a good overview of traditional and non-traditional treatments of common hoof problems. Information about the use of homeopathy, herbs, and massage is provided. There is an excellent appendix containing specifics of these various therapies. 

The book is generously laced with photos and illustrations showing features of the hoof and examples of what to look for when evaluating a horse. The book is a good reference for trimmers as well, providing step by step instructions on how to trim. 

Whether the reader is a novice or a more experienced trimmer, 10 Secrets to Healthy Hooves is a must read. ~ A.Paul, Westboro, MA


"Hi Gwen, I went to look at your book the other night and really got into it, you are a fantastic writer! I really enjoy your writing style and clarity. I love that you're talking about the whole horse and natural horse care."

Love, ~Marjorie Smith
Natural Hoofcare Pioneer & Expert,

"I have really been enjoying your new book, it is different than anything else with the variety and scope of material. I wish it was in print! We need more natural hoof care books like yours.   Thanks!"  ~Yvonne , Editor, The Horses Hoof


"Dear Gwen,  I glanced through the document. You sure have put a lot of thought and time into it! Sit back, have a glass of wine (or more) and bask in your accomplishment! " Best,  Claudia

Dear Gwenyth 
I have really been enjoying your new book,I haven't been able to put it down since I bought it :)  Your book is very different than any others i have ever read and with alot of material in it. Great work and thank you!! You have truly inspired me. ~Monika~